Donkey milk is a precious commodity, as surveys have shown that its composition approximates

that of human breast milk, which partly explains its beneficial properties, additionally, its high

price makes it more expensive than a good wine or a French champagne.

As for the benefits, even from antiquity, people believed that it had therapeutic and cosmetic properties, while it is known that many cosmetic companies use it their products because of its anti-aging action.

  According to surveys donkey milk: 

   -Has regenerating ingredients 

     -It prevents certain skin diseases 

       -Contains essential fatty acids that help absorb vitamins 

          -Improves the healing process 

Also the metal salts of asinine milk allow the skin tο clean and removes the dead skin cells tο create new living cells. 

The rich composition of milk with high levels of phospholipids, proteins and ceramides make it excellent for: 


-Treatment of wrinkles, 

-Face skin restructuring and regeneration, with excellent results. 


Ιt is recommended for dry skin, eczema, acne and psoriasis! 


Ιn the green Edessa we breed donkeys and get their milk, which is known for its beneFicial properties. Ιn a new effort we use the milk as one of the key ingredients to make soap. With passion and love we have created ONOiamata.


Ιn Hippocrates texts there are several reports about this milk, as Hippocrates recommended it for various ailments and accidents, varying from snake bites to dysentery.


Ιn Roman times it was used as a cosmetic and the legend says that Cleopatra relaxed ίn a

 tub filled with it to enhance her beauty. Ρliny says «asinine, donkey milk wipes off wrinkles ίn the skin, making it thinner and keeps it white. It is known that some women wash their faces with it 7 times a day, keeping strictly 

to this number.


«Napoleon Bonaparte's sister, Pauline, also used continuously, donkey milk for the beauty of her skin.





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