The soothing effect of the enzyme of the Garra Rufa fish, the revitalising effect of the Dead Sea minerals and the calming characteristics of the natural plant extracts have led to the development of this highly effective skincare range, suitable for all skin types. Our products are subject to the strict product guidelines contained in the Human Cosmetics Directive. This is confirmed by the GMP status, the highest distinction which exists for human cosmetics.


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According to surveys, donkey milk is much more beneficial than cow's milk. The donkey's milk used by humans as food, medicine and cosmetics for thousands of years.

Donkey milk is a precious commodity, as surveys have shown that its composition approximates that of human breast milk, which partly explains its beneficial properties, additionally, its high price makes it more expensive than a good wine or a French champagne, since a liter can cost from 30 to 100 euros.

As for the benefits, even from antiquity, people believed that it had therapeutic and cosmetic properties, while it is known that many cosmetic companies use it their products because of its anti-aging action.


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Young Face Mask is a worlds sensation from Finland - a total facial treatment that leaves skin soft and smooth, prevents swolling and reduces wrinkles. Your skin becomes soft as never before!

Young Face Mask lowers the temperature in the face by 4°C and will remove all skin swellings. In order to preserve all the fine ingredients, Aloe Vera, Vitamin E and C, Hyaluron Serum of the face masks, they contain some alcohol. The alcohol evaporates during the first two minutes and allows the skin temperature to drop.


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