A professional therapist will listen to your needs and use a variety of techniques such as Swedish, Deep Tissue, Sports and Reflexology to leave you relaxed and rejuvenated. So, leave yourself in our hands!

Our team of trained specialists are dedicated to guide you on your journey to better health and balance.

Our guests can choose their own, unique combination of treatments and pamper themselves for as little or as much they wish.


Foot Reflexology              

After cleansing the feet with a fish spa therapy, this specialized treatment involves systematic stimulation of all the nerve reflexes in the feet which correspond to the internal organs and all parts of the body. This holistic healing technique helps restore balance and harmony in your body.


Couples massage​     ​​        

Couples massage is one of the hottest services at the spa right now. Two people are massaged in the same room, at the same time, by two different therapists. It can be a husband and wife, girlfriend and boyfriend, same-sex partners, or even moms and daughters sometimes or best friends.

Customize your massage!

Back Massage                  

A highly effective session for neck & back.The gentle strokes release the tension of weary muscles and restore their elasticity. By inducing hyperemia, this massage relieves straind areas,disperses tension and imparts a unique sense of relaxation and soothing reawakening.

Royal Massage                 ​​

Give your self the royal treatment anywhere in Santorini by appointment.You can enjoy the treatments we are offering, at the comfort of your villa, hotel, even your boat or at a private event!

We offer portable high quality massage bed.

*By appointment services are priced

according to demands. 

​Full Body Massage          

​A full body massage is exceptionally beneficial for relaxing the entire body by increasing the level

of oxygen in the blood, decreasing muscle toxins, improving circulation and flexibility. Kneading
and gliding strokes helps to ease the body of muscular tension.


Chair Back Massage​       

Our spa professionals are able to perform seated chair massage therapy. This service is performed on a client sitting in a portable massage chair. The client remains fully clothed and no oils are used while their shoulders, neck, upper back, head and arms are massaged.  

Advanced bookings are recommended to secure your preferred date and time of treatment.

For appointment, please contact us ​by phone or e-mail.

​Please let us know at least two hours before your scheduled appointment time if you wish to cancel or reschedule your booking.

Please try to arrive at least 10 minutes before your scheduled treatment time. Arriving late will shorten your spa time with us,

as your treatment must end on time to prevent delays for the next appointment.​

Disposable underwear, slippers and a towel will be provided for your use.

The spa is harmonious and relaxing, so please respect the peace and privacy of other guests. 

Special notice for pregnant guests:
You may want to avoid treatments using deep pressure. Please inform our spa receptionist of your condition when

you book your treatment so that we can assist you in selecting the most suitable options for you.

People with these conditions should avoid massage:

Heart failure
Kidney failure
Infection of the superficial veins (called phlebitis) or soft tissue (called cellulitis) in the legs or elsewhere
Blood clots in the legs
Bleeding disorders
Contagious skin conditions
If you have cancer, check with your doctor before considering massage because massage can damage tissue that is fragile from chemotherapy or radiation treatments. People with rheumatoid arthritis, goiter (a thyroid disorder characterized by an enlarged thyroid), eczema, and other skin lesions should not receive massage therapy during flare ups. Experts also advise that people with osteoporosis, high fever, few platelets or white blood cells, and mental impairment, as well as those recovering from surgery, should avoid massage. Check with your doctor.

Tell your massage therapist about any medications you are taking, as massage may influence absorption or activity of both oral and topical medications.






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